Seminar Recordings Available!

Did you miss out on our Aug. 13 seminar? The recordings are now available to order:

Steve Lightle Final IngatheringSteve Lightle: Final Ingathering 2 Part DVD

After a 15 year wait, Shalom Israel was priviledged to host best-selling author Steve Lightle in 2016.
In this 2 DVD set, Steve shares his dramatic testimony of coming to faith and of how God used him to help start an organisation that has brought over 150'000 Jews back to Israel.

Steve Lightle 2 Pack DVD: The Final Ingathering



 Rev. Willem Glashouwer: The 7 Seals & The Coming Kingdom DVD

Willem Glashouwer Final Ingathering 7 SealsRev. Willem Glashouwer is the President of Christians 4 Israel International.
In this message, he shares about the 7 seals of Revelation and the lead up to the Coming Kingdom of the Messiah.

Willem is an internationally recognised speaker and author of "Why Israel?" - a book which has been translated into over 30 languages.

Willem Glashouwer DVD: 7 Seals of Revelation

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AUD10.00 each

DVD: Enoch Lavender - God's End Time Road Signs

In this dvd, Enoch shares a fresh perspective about God's use of signs in our personal lives based on examples from the Old and New Testaments.
He also takes a new look at the rise of false and true signs in the End Times and explains the purpose of these signs.
Finally he examines two key End Time signs and their message to us as believers.

Ps. Enoch is based at Eastern Chinese Christian Chuch. He has a B.A. from Harvest Bible College and is involved with a range of ministries including Ebenezer Operation Exodus, and Teach All Nations (Dr. Kameel Majdali) where he serves on the board. Enoch is also a key part of the Shalom Israel team.

AUD7.00 each

Murray Dixon - God's Promises to Israel CD

Another foundational teaching CD by Murry Dixon. This CD examines the covenants that God made with Israel in the Scriptures and what they have to say about our present situation and the future of the Middle East.

The CD plays for about 60mins.

Who is Murray Dixon?

Murray Dixon, a regular speaker at Shalom Israel conferences, was ordained in the Anglican Church in NZ where he served as a parish minister before serving in the RNZAF as a chaplain.

Murray left the air force, and with his wife Rosemary, established Prayer for Israel in NZ where they served for 20 years in an international itinerant ministry and leading groups to Israel.

During his regular visits to the land of Israel, he has been the guest of Orthodox and secular Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druze, Beduin, and Israeli believers in Yeshua.

He has also spent time in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Murray has been in the Middle East at very significant periods in it's history- he was in Lebanon during the war of 1982, visiting refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank during the Intifada.

In 2000 Murray and Rosemary moved to Israel to work with the Church's Ministry Among the Jewish People. They directed CMJ's conference centre on Mt Carmel before moving to Migdal, on the shore of Lake Galilee, where they built and established Beit Bracha - a prayer centre. Murray also served as Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem, until 2008 when they moved to England to join the staff of Ellel Ministries at Pierrepont, Farnham in Surrey..

Murray authored "The Rebirth and Restoration of Israel" which was published in 1988 by Sovereign World with an updated edition [including a report on the Israel-Hizb'allah war in 2006] entitled "Israel: Land of God's Promise," published in 2006.