Seminar Recordings Available!

Did you miss out on our Aug. 13 seminar? The recordings are now available to order:

Steve Lightle Final IngatheringSteve Lightle: Final Ingathering 2 Part DVD

After a 15 year wait, Shalom Israel was priviledged to host best-selling author Steve Lightle in 2016.
In this 2 DVD set, Steve shares his dramatic testimony of coming to faith and of how God used him to help start an organisation that has brought over 150'000 Jews back to Israel.

Steve Lightle 2 Pack DVD: The Final Ingathering



 Rev. Willem Glashouwer: The 7 Seals & The Coming Kingdom DVD

Willem Glashouwer Final Ingathering 7 SealsRev. Willem Glashouwer is the President of Christians 4 Israel International.
In this message, he shares about the 7 seals of Revelation and the lead up to the Coming Kingdom of the Messiah.

Willem is an internationally recognised speaker and author of "Why Israel?" - a book which has been translated into over 30 languages.

Willem Glashouwer DVD: 7 Seals of Revelation

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AUD10.00 each

Christian Palestinianism - Dr. Paul Wilkinson DVD

Dr. Paul Wilkinson exposes the political revisionism and replacement theology of the Christian Palestinianist movement. He shows some of the teachings that are being spread to promote 'Christian Palestinianism' which turns a blind eye to attacks on Israel and seeks to present Jesus as a 'Palestinian born under occupation'. This presentation features pictures, quotes and video clips from leaders espousing such teaching. 

Dr. Paul Wilkinson has written a recent book on Christian Zionism called 'For Zion’s Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby'. This book has been endorsed by leaders such as Tim LaHaye, Dave Hunt, Mark Hitchcock, Thomas Ice, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, and Randall Price.

Running time: approx. 60 mins

AUD7.00 each

Operation Exodus Update 2016 CD

Peter Stucken is the Sydney based International Chairman of Ebenezer, Operation Exodus - a ministry that assists the Jews to Return to Israel. Fiona is the prayer leader for Ebenezer in S.E. Asia + Oceania.

In the first message, Peter shares an update about the increasing anti-Semitism in the Western World and how this is shifting the focus of Ebenezer's work to increasingly be ready to assist Jewish communities in the Western World.
In Part 2, Fiona shares practical tips about how to pray Scripturally, with wisdom and love concerning those who oppose Israel and God's plans for this nation. 

CD length 50mins

Cost: $7