Standing Up For Israel

July 25th, 7:30pm

In 1938, the world watched the Nazi German atrocities of Krystallnacht. William CooperThe only private protest against this event in the world was organised here in Melbourne outside the German embassy. The organiser was the devout Christian and legendary Aboriginal leader William Cooper. 

How can Christians, Jews and Aboriginals stand together for Israel today?

Speakers for this special event:

John Searle, Vice-President of Zionism Victoria will speak on how Christians and Jews can work together today in support of Israel. 
Our keynote speakers are Barbara and Norman Miller - the founders of “Indigenous Friends of Israel”. They have a history of standing strongly with Israel in public advocacy and will share their unique perspective.

Friendship Event with the Jewish Community

This friendship event will be hosted at the Beth Weizman Centre in the heart of the Jewish community in Caulfield.
It will be a great opportunity for Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel to stand together for Israel.

Norman and Barbara Miller with Cooper book lo resThe evening will be hosted by Shalom Israel - a Christian not-for-profit organisation educating churches about Israel.

Event Details

When: Wednesday 25th of July, 7:30pm
Where: Beth Weizmann Community Centre, 306 Hawthorn Rd , Caulfield
Entry: $10, 
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