The Bridegroom is Coming

Seminar: Feb 23rd, 10:00am

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We had a great seminar on the 23rd of February and it was good seeing many of you again!
The recordings are now available:

Tony Hallo Double CD set

Tony spoke on the importance of the bridegroom in a wedding - and how we as a church should be focussed on the bridegroom rather than on ourselves!
In the second session, Tony gave a panorama of Jewish history, of their suffering but also of their comfort in Messiah.

CD Set Cost: $18 inc postage

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Enoch and Sarah Lavender - The End Time Wedding

Enoch and Sarah shared their personal story of romance and the promise given by God many years earlier. They spoke of God's faithfulness to His promises and encouraged the church to regain hope in the fulfilment of all God's promises - and in particular to be expecting the soon coming of the awesome heavenly bridegroom.

DVD length - 1hour
Cost: $12 (inc. postage)‚Äč

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