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Pastor Enoch regularly produces teaching resources, aiming to provide you with Scriptural insight from a Jewish perspective.
Here are some of his latest teaching videos:

Feminine Side of GodDoes God Have a Feminine side?
While there is a lot of focus on the masculine side of God - as Father, as Son and as a Heavenly bridegroom - there are clear feminine aspects of God revealed through a careful reading of the Hebrew Bible. Learn how the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit (ruach) always appears in a feminine form, and how the Holy Spirit carries many characteristics strengths that God has given women. Truly male AND female are (together) created in the image and likeness of God.


 A Christian Perspective on Torah Portion: Shelach L'cha Numbers 13-15sin of spies
This Torah portion covers the infamous 'sin of the spies' - in this teaching we look at rabbinic insights into what went wrong, how it relates to the commandment to wear tassels (tzitzit) and how it applies to us as believers today



Hebrew Language Insights

Hebrew is a rich language conveying amazing truths that help us better understand our Bibles. 
Here is a brief teaching from the Hebrew perspective - we hope you enjoy this video!

 Hebrew Insights for Christians - the hidden meaning of "Truth" and "Lies"truth vs lies
In this video we will look at two basic hebrew words - the words for 'truth' and the word for 'lies' and will see what lessons we can learn from the Hebrew Alphabet.


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Church Ministry

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Founded in 1991, Shalom Israel is a Melbourne based, non-profit organisation with a non-denominational focus. Shalom Israel's mission is to provide to the body of Christ a teaching of God's plans and purposes for Israel and the Jewish people in the last days.

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