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October 28th, 1-5pm

10 of our most popular TEACHING DVDs @ half price (could be good Christmas presents)!
Order any 10 of these for only $50+$5 postage.

  1. Why Israel – Derek Prince
    One of the best explanations of the place of Israel in the Scriptures - a rock solid and timeless explanation by legendary bible teacher Derek Prince. 
  2. The Glorious Bride – Murray Dixon
    A beautiful look at the ancient Jewish wedding customs, shedding new light on many of Jesus' teachings
  3. The Miracles of Israel – 12 dramatic stories from Israel
    Be encouraged by this disk featuring miracle testimony stories from Israel's wars, as well as stories of great courage against all odds. 
  4. Islam to Christ – 7 Dramatic Testimonies of God’s Power
    This DVD features exciting testimonies of Muslims being transformed by encounters with Jesus. The DVD also features an in-depth comparison of the teachings of Islam and Christianity when it comes to the person of Jesus. 
  5. New Harbinger Cycles 2017-18  Jonathan Cahn 
    Building on the best selling book, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shares about more recent developments in the US which line up with an ominous pattern in Bible prophecy
  6. Truth About Israel – 
    This dvd features a handy collection of short clips including facts about the West Bank, the United Nations and its attitute to Israel and the origin of the Palestinians
  7. The Mind of Messiah – Ps Steve Cioccolanti
    In this DVD, Ps. Steve shares how having a Hebrew mindset impacts and transforms Christian living 
  8. Israel and The Nations – Amir Tsarfati
    From our recent seminar at Crossway Baptist, IDF major Amir shares about recent developments re the Temple Mount in light of Bible Prophecy
  9. The Book of Daniel – Amir  Tsarfati
    From our recent seminar at Crossway Baptist, IDF major Amir takes us through the End Time prophecies of Daniel
  10. Israel’s Soon Coming King - Amir Tsarfati
    From our recent seminar at Crossway Baptist, IDF major Amir shares his personal story of coming to faith in Jesus, and shares about being ready for the Lord's return 
  11. Judy Carr's Secret Rescue of Syria's Jews
    Judy looked to many like an ordinary housewife, but after hours she was single handedly running an underground Jewish rescue project inside one of the most hostile, anti-Jewish regimes in the world: Syria.
  12. Nitsana - Bankrupting Terrorism
    Hear how a mother of 6 successfully stopped a Gaza floatilla of 15 boats via 'lawfare', and how her team have won cases against Iran and North Korea that are having an impact on a global scale.

Special Offer:
Simply pick and choose any 10 from the above list (you can choose multiple of any dvd you like within the total of 10 DVDs)
These can be delivered to you - total cost $55 (inc. postage)

Normal cost is $10 per individual dvds (inc. postage). 

The DVDs are all roughly 1 hour long.

How to order:
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following:
- the dvds you would like
- yoru postal address
- your preferred payment method (cheque, direct deposit or paypal)

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