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Prophetic End Time Wedding Bundle

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DVD 1: The Bridegroom is coming


The hope of the Church throughout the generations has been linked to the marvel and beauty of the great heavenly wedding to come!  Are we as His Bride ready and waiting for His return? 

Enoch and Sarah shared their personal story of romance and the promise given by God many years earlier. They spoke of God's faithfulness to His promises and encouraged the church to regain hope in the fulfilment of all God's promises - and in particular to be expecting the soon coming of the awesome heavenly Bridegroom.

The dvd also includes an excerpt from a engagement and marriage story documentary that closely mirrors the Jewish tradition and vividly demonstrates the passion and longing for the coming return of the Groom.

DVD length 1 hour

DVD 2: Jay McCarl - The Galilean Wedding DVD

"The Best Day of Forever"

Jesus kept referring to the unique wedding traditions of the Galileans in His teaching about the End Times. In this presentation, Jay McCarl takes you inside life in a small Galilean village. He sheds an intriguing light on the ancient practices of
the Galileans and how they link in with the teachings of Jesus. This message will challenge you to a closer walk
with the Lord, to be prepared for His Return and to a new perspective on the God-given institution of marriage. The teaching is based on the excellent book 'The Best Day of Forever' available at Amazon

Jay McCarl is a Middle-Eastern Cultural Anthropologist, Theologian, Historian and author. If Mr. McCarl's in-depth knowledge and experience within an array of fields wasn't enough, he's also a one of a few remaining real-world adventures with over 20 years of experience exploring ancient biblical ruins and writings.

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