Upcoming Events

Oct 22 - 12:00am - "Rebuilding the Temple?"
What is the latest developments concerning the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem - and how should we as Christians respond?
Entry: $15 (includes light lunch)
Venue/host: NSW Parliament House/Jubilee Room. 
RSVP: Judy at 0410 403 616 by 15th of October

Oct 28th, 6:00pm  "The Trumpet Shall Sound"
Are we ready for that great day when the Trumpet will sound and the Messiah will return? What can we learn from the Jewish Feast of Trumpets in the lead up to that great day?
Venue/hostDoncaster City Church, 8 Montgomery St, Doncaster East

Miracles of Israel

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12 Miracles of Israel DVD

This dvd features a rare collection of testimonies and touching stories from Israel's Wars.


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Murray Dixon: The Battle of Beersheba (CD)

Join Bible Teacher Murray Dixon on an exciting journey of uncovering the role of the ANZAC's in the liberation of Beersheba from Turkish Ottoman Rule.


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8 Truths About Israel DVD

This popular DVD features 8 short video clips giving fascinating insights into Israel.


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Operation Exodus: Gustav Scheller 2 DVD Pack

In this classic recording, Gustav Scheller shares about the exciting work of Ebenezer Operation Exodus in assisting Jewish people to return home to the land of Israel.


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Shalom Israel Melbouren

About Shalom Israel

Founded in 1991, Shalom Israel is a Melbourne based, non-profit organisation with a non-denominational focus. Shalom Israel's mission is to provide to the body of Christ a teaching of God's plans and purposes for Israel and the Jewish people in the last days.

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