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Miracles of Israel

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12 Miracles of Israel DVD

This dvd features a rare collection of testimonies and touching stories from Israel's Wars.


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Murray Dixon: The Battle of Beersheba (CD)

Join Bible Teacher Murray Dixon on an exciting journey of uncovering the role of the ANZAC's in the liberation of Beersheba from Turkish Ottoman Rule.


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8 Truths About Israel DVD

This popular DVD features 8 short video clips giving fascinating insights into Israel.


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Operation Exodus: Gustav Scheller 2 DVD Pack

In this classic recording, Gustav Scheller shares about the exciting work of Ebenezer Operation Exodus in assisting Jewish people to return home to the land of Israel.


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Shalom Israel Melbouren

About Shalom Israel

Founded in 1991, Shalom Israel is a Melbourne based, non-profit organisation with a non-denominational focus. Shalom Israel's mission is to provide to the body of Christ a teaching of God's plans and purposes for Israel and the Jewish people in the last days.

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