Israel and the Palestinians

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DVD: The Prophetic Wars of Israel - Blood, Sweat, Tears & Miracles

Since its rebirth as a nation, Israel has faced many wars in which her very survival was at stake. In this special dvd we look at three of Israel's most dramatic wars, retelling the stories of sacrifice, heroism, tears and miracles that have shaped the Middle East to this day. 


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DVD: Lawfare: Bankrupting Terrorism with Nitsana

 Nitsana is the director of Shurat HaDin, an Israeli Law Centre that is successfully taking on supporters of terrorism on a global scale.


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Ps. Enoch Lavender - Miracles of the 6 Day War

This DVD retells the dramatic moments of the 6 Day War.  It takes you through the build up to the war, and the many miracles that occured during the 1967 war.


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Murray Dixon: The Battle of Beersheba (CD)

Join Bible Teacher Murray Dixon on an exciting journey of uncovering the role of the ANZAC's in the liberation of Beersheba from Turkish Ottoman Rule.


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David Davis: The Isaiah 19 Highway (CD)

In this interesting message, veteran Messianic Pastor David Davis shares how God has been connecting him and other Messianic leaders from Israel with passionate Arab believers in the surrounding nations. 


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