Ps Tony Hallo - The Bridegroom is Coming - 2 CD Set Behold the Bridegroom Comes (and YOU are invited to the wedding!) Are we as His Bride ready and wai.. Product #: thcd Regular price: $15.00 $15.00

Tony Hallo - The Bridegroom is Coming - 2 CD Set

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The hope of the Church throughout the generations has been linked to the marvel and beauty of the great heavenly wedding to come! Are we as His Bride ready and waiting for His return?

In this 2 CD set recorded live at Shalom Israel, Ps Tony Hallo shares about the romance and wonder of the Messiah's love for His bride. He shares about our special invitation to the great wedding feast of the lamb - and about the wonder that those that are Invited ..... BECOME THE BRIDE ......!

Tony points out in the first session how we as a church should be focussed on the bridegroom rather than on ourselves!
In the second session, Tony gives a dramatic panorama of Jewish history, of their suffering but also of their comfort in Messiah.

Born in Melbourne, Tony Hallo is a Pastor based in Townsville, QLD. A talented musician as a child with regular TV appearances, Tony encountered the Lord at the Billy Graham crusade in 1959. Since 1968, Tony has been serving as a pastor as well as travelling to the nations with the message of God's divine purpose for Israel and the soon return of our Lord and Saviour.


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